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The Dark Side of Music Events: Death & Mayhem (pt.2)

While attending concerts and music festivals is a favourite pastime for many across the globe, they can be dangerous if poorly planned or managed. The second part of this article looks at deadly and dangerous incidences that have occurred at music events in recent years…

Same-Sex Representation in Animated Films

This article focuses on the history of same-sex representation in animated films and the importance of having such representation for children. History of Representation When it comes to the representation of same-sex families and storylines, family-friendly animated films are sorely lacking. Media giants such as…

Censorship in Film: To Infinity & Beyond

This article focuses on the new Disney + Pixar film, Lightyear, and its censorship across the globe. Background On June 17, 2022, a new Disney + Pixar film was released, based on the legendary character Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story animated movie series. Lightyear…

Award Season: A Look at Diversity

The article focuses on this year’s award season, highlighting moments that showcased how diverse the entertainment industry really is. This piece is the first penned by The Switch’s newest contributor, Savannah Mumby. The Oscars This year’s Oscars were one for the books, as many of…


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